Luxury Experience + Food


  • Bianchello del Metauro DOC Superiore – TENUTA CAMPIOLI
  • Bianchello del Metauro DOC Superiore – ANDY
  • IGT Marche Bianco – RADIANT (uvaggio Verdicchio – Bianchello)
  • Colli Pesaresi DOC Rosso – BARTIS
  • Colli Pesaresi DOC Sangiovese riserva – LUIGI FIORINI

Food Box

  • 5 PIADINA – Weight: 225g
  • CHEESE * – Weight: 250/300g
  • 3 DRY SAUSAGES – Weighabout: 30g

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The experience includes a tasting placemat, a wine box (5 wines size 0.75 liters) and a food box in description.


Weight 8.50 kg


  • PIADINA: PIADINA (pack of 5 mignon wraps): Weight 225g

    Ingredienti: Farina di grano tenero tipo “00”, farina di grano tenero tipo “0”, acqua, strutto, olio di semi di girasole, sale, pepe, conservante E282.

  • CHEESE: weight 250/300g

    *The cheese is chosen from those on the list according to the availability of the cellar:
    – CROSTAPEPE: rawsheep’s milk pecorino cheese aged in lard and black pepper
    Ingredients: rawsheep’s milk, rennet, salt, ferments, lard, black pepper in crust
    – CROSTAVINO: prawsheep’s milk pecorino cheese aged in red wine
    Ingredients: Rawsheep’s milk, calfrennet, salt ferments, red wine, bayleaf and wild fennel in crust
    – AMPELOS: rawsheep’s milk pecorino cheese aged in vineleaves
    Ingredients: Rawsheep’s milk, rennet, salt, ferments, crusted vineleaf

  • DRY SAUSAGES: Weighabout 30 g – 3 Pieces

    Ingredients: pork meat, salt, pepper, wine, garlic, natural flavorings

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